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How do I register an imported vehicle?

Often, importing a car turns out to be more profitable than buying a new model in France, which has become increasingly popular since the French borders are opened.People prefer to buy their cars.mainly in Germany, Spain or Belgium in order to benefit from reduced prices.Have you just purchased a vehicle in a foreign country? Be aware that there are rules to follow before you can travel freely in France.In accordance with the obligations stipulated in the Highway Code, it is important to follow specific procedures in order to obtain a registration certificate or a gray card in your name.

The documents to be provided for the registration of an imported vehicle

To proceed with the registration process of a new imported vehicle, it is necessary to obtain a new registration card issued by the French State.You must make a photocopy of all the original versions of other parts such as:

You must obtain a copy of proof of address (less than 6 months).This may be a gas or electricity bill.You can also present a landline bill or your insurance contract You will also need a copy of the French technical inspection and your national identity card.

If it is a second-hand vehicle, you will have to have the vehicle registration card amended according to the rules of French territory.This process is now carried out online, on specialized platforms.

Posted Date: 2020-07-23

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